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Travala now trying to beat the competition with lower prices

The flight and hotel booking site uses cryptocurrencies and was funded by Binance

The Pentagon says blockchains are not decentralized

In particular, they discovered some risks related also to the Bitcoin protocol, although they did not quantify them

Chainalysis: poor decentralization for DAOs

In many cases, small groups of governance token holders can make their decisions prevail

Vitalik Buterin worried about Ethereum after the Merge

The problem is the concentration of staked ETH on a few validator nodes

Partecipa alla DAO di pNetwork e guadagna il 42% degli interessi APR sul tuo stake PNT

Eidoo ha recentemente annunciato la sua integrazione con pTokens, una soluzione lanciata dal principale team di sviluppo dietro Provable Things. Abbiamo anche comunicato che...

The green blockchain revolution to trace raw materials

How technology is at the eco-friendly sector service  When it comes to using blockchain technology to reduce environmental impact or to serve sustainable industry, it...

Introduction to Smart Contracts and their applications

What is a blockchain-based smart contract and its features With the birth of Ethereum in 2015, the second crypto for market cap, we started talking...

The revolutionary problem solving of the EarthBi project: the vision

The inspiring idea to reduce the environmental cost of progress EarthBi project was born from a revolutionary idea that combines innovation with environmental sustainability. An...

Blockchain for business: use cases in the digital economy

5 possible blockchain applications for companies The peer-to-peer model created by Satoshi Nakamoto ten years ago with its distributed ledger blockchain, has fascinated various sectors...

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