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SEC: according to Gary Gensler, Ethereum ETFs will arrive by September

The president of the SEC seems to want to buy time, even though he does not rule out that the forecasts will be met.

MetaMask launches the “Pooled Staking” service: liquid staking of Ethereum directly on the wallet begins

MetaMask has just launched a "pooled staking" service, which allows its users to lock Ethereum directly from the wallet.

The TON Foundation launches season 4 of The Open League and surpasses Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses

The TON Foundation has recently announced the start of season 4 of The Open League, its prominent community incentives initiative. This launch not only marks a new chapter in the program but also highlights an important milestone for the foundation: surpassing Ethereum in terms of daily active addresses. This achievement is a testament to the growing […]

Crypto news and price analysis: Pepe (PEPE), Kaspa (KAS) and Ethereum (ETH)

Latest updates on PEPE, KAS, and ETH coins.

3 Ethereum Tokens To Catch A 100% Bull Run In 1 Month

Discover the 3 Ethereum tokens poised for a 100% bull run in just 1 month. Unlock potential gains with RCO Finance, UNUS SED LEO, and Immutable X.

ICBC: the largest bank in the world bets on the crypto Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum: the technical power of the digital future.

News on Ethereum ETFs: the SEC has added the ProShares one

Now it becomes more difficult for the approval of spot ETH ETFs in the USA to happen at the end of June.

The price of Ethereum in Bitcoin is still falling, but not in USD

Despite Ethereum should be attracting more attention at this moment, it is Bitcoin instead that is dominating.

Hong Kong potrebbe consentire lo staking per gli ETF spot su Ethereum già quest’anno

The panorama of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve rapidly, and Hong Kong could be at the forefront in adopting new features for financial products linked to digital assets like the spot ETF on Ethereum.  The president of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, recently stated that it would make sense for Hong Kong to introduce the staking function for […]

Ethereum Generates About $76.6 Million In Profits For Giant Whale, Which Altcoins Is He Buying Next?

Discover how an Ethereum giant whale generated over $76.5 million in profits and explore the next altcoins he may possibly consider for investment.

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