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Starbucks and Micah Johnson join forces for Aku NFT project

The partnership between the famous coffee chain and world-renowned NFT artist

Starbucks launches its first premium NFTs priced at $100 each

The coffee giant is making significant strides in Web3 with its Starbucks Odyssey rewards program.

Starbucks: unveiled NFT program on Polygon called Odyssey

A collection of non-fungible tokens launched by the famous coffeehouse chain

Starbucks set to launch its web3 reward program

Starbucks announces that it will unveil its new Web3-based rewards program during its accounts presentation next month

Bitcoin payments accepted by McDonald’s, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Zara and others

According to Rick Rieder of BlackRock, its value could increase significantly in the future

McDonald’s and Starbucks accept Bitcoin in El Salvador

The price of BTC dropped a lot yesterday, though not in a particularly worrying way

Bakkt, the app lets you pay in bitcoin at Starbucks

The app creates an innovative wallet of digital assets

Starbucks tracks coffee on blockchain thanks to Microsoft

A DLT-based system allows US citizens who buy coffee in the stores of the famous chain to know where it comes from

China: Starbucks is not testing the digital yuan

The participation of the US giant in China's upcoming digital currency tests has been denied

China: digital currency testing at McDonald’s and Starbucks

Yesterday there was a meeting sponsored by the Department of Reform and Development of the Management Commission of the New District of Xiong'an

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