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Price predictions for Ethereum: crazy expenses from an anonymous wallet suggest an imminent rise

Yesterday, a mysterious wallet accumulated a whopping 30,680 ETH, giving a positive turn to the forecasts on the price of Ethereum.

Bitpanda launches the Meme Coin Leaders Index to diversify the crypto-wallet

The index initially contains PEPE, FLOKI, WIF, BONK, DOGE, and SHIB.

Bitcoin Whale: two dormant wallets since 2013 have moved over 1,000 BTC

It is believed that behind the total transactions of 61 million dollars, there is the same individual.

Has a Bitcoin wallet from the era of Satoshi Nakamoto woken up?

Yesterday a news was given that is partly true, but partly inaccurate.

The crypto wallet MetaMask has announced an update for the Ethereum network

MetaMask has announced an important update called 'Smart Transactions' for the Ethereum network.

Crypto wallet: the number of active addresses has risen to over 400 million

The report on the spring of cryptocurrencies by Chainalysis reveals the new trends.

Eminem in partnership with wallet for the new commercial spot

Just like Matt Damon, the rapper also advertises the crypto-exchange.

Massive Ethereum Transfer to Justin Sun Wallet Cardano Price Volatile As KANG Set To Hit $6m

Ethereum records a massive transfer of around $500M, as Frederick Gregaard sets straight Cardano’s governance model advancement while KangaMoon presale success continues, having recorded more than $5.7M in presale

The hacker group CiberInteligenciaSV brings the government of El Salvador to its knees and publicly leaks the source code of the Bitcoin Chivo wallet

The hacker group "CiberInteligenciaSV" is attempting to breach the security of the government of El Salvador, violating the Bitcoin wallet Chivo.

Analyst Call Out Biggest Bull Run of 2024: 3 Tokens to Add to Your Wallet

Here's a comprehensive review of three altcoins that are likely to rally alongside the impending bullish wave. They include KangaMoon, Theta Network, and the Internet Computer.

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