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Eminem in partnership with Crypto.com wallet for the new commercial spot

The famous American rapper, Eminem, has joined the ranks of testimonials for Crypto.com, the crypto-wallet and crypto-exchange behind the ad “Fortune Favors the Brave”.  

Eminem: the rapper is the voice of the new Crypto.com wallet commercial

The American rapper Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, has become one of the latest celebrities to promote the crypto-wallet and crypto-exchange of Crypto.com.

Here is the new advertising spot of the “Fortune Favors the Brave” series (fortune favors the bold): a montage of a boxing training described by Eminem with crypto slang. 

And indeed, in the background speech of Eminem, industry terms like Proof-of-Work are used. 

Eminem had made headlines in the crypto sector, after the release of the single with Snoop Dogg that contained a tribute to the world of NFTs, with an animation in the style of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Eminem in the Crypto.com wallet ad after Matt Damon

The current involvement of Eminem follows Crypto.com’s first partnership with Matt Damon in October 2021. 

And in fact, both are acting as motivational influencers just like it happens in boxing, but also in the world of soccer, Formula 1, UFC (martial arts), all sectors in which Crypto.com has been involved as a sponsor. 

Unlike the current spot with Eminem, however, the one involving Damon wanted to compare the “victories” in various competitions with the “victories” of human evolution, in which cryptocurrencies would be included. 

That’s why in January 2022, Crypto.com’s spot with Damon was heavily criticized by industry figures. For example, Adam Johnson from Citations Needed reportedly said that the spot was sad because it urged the viewer to act immediately or else they would be weak, even pushing them to dip into their savings.

Other characters have criticized Damon-Crypto.com comparing the commercial to a Ponzi scheme or car advertising. 

The controversy sparked by Damon’s spot for Crypto.com, led the Hollywood actor to reveal the reasons that would have led him to accept to be the protagonist of the spot in March 2023. 

Damon stated that he received 1 million dollars from Crypto.com in exchange for funding his Water.org initiative, aimed at increasing access to clean water globally. 

The new commercial does not cause the price of CRO to soar

Looking at the chart of Cronos (CRO), the native crypto of Crypto.com, it seems that the new spot involving Eminem has not been appreciated by investors much. 

In the last seven days, CRO has recorded a price high of $0.138, far from the $0.155 recorded in mid-April. 

At the time of writing, CRO is worth $0.1218, down -4% in the last seven days. 

The 29th crypto, with a total market cap of 3.2 billion dollars, seems to follow the general trend of the main cryptocurrencies. 

And indeed, Bitcoin (BTC) has dropped to $57,500 while Ethereum (ETH) to $2,910, both experiencing a price dump of -10% and -7% in the last seven days. 

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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