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Crypto.com: Matt Damon reveals why he starred in the commercial

Matt Damon reveals why he starred in the commercial “Fortune Favors the Brave” by crypto-exchange Crypto.com, which went live in 2021.

Crypto.com and Matt Damon’s revelation about the commercial

According to Associated Press reports, Matt Damon has reportedly revealed why he was featured in Crypto.com’s infamous “Fortune Favors the Brave” commercial.

Basically, the Hollywood actor wanted to point out that he received as much as $1 million from Crypto.com to fund his Water.org initiative.

Water.org is Damon’s project founded in 2009 with engineer and philanthropist Gary White. The goal of the initiative is to increase access to clean water globally by providing small loans that finance the purchase and installation of taps and toilets.

Damon explained that his foundation was in a difficult financial situation and therefore, his presence in the Crypto.com commercial was to raise funds for this purpose.

Here are his exact words:

“Crypto.com heard about that and they gave $1 million dollars to Water.org just on their own. I definitely have a lot of gratitude to them, and for what they did for our foundation.”

Crypto.com and the 2021 “Fortune Favors the Brave” commercial

The Crypto.com commercial that went live in October 2021 received a lot of criticism especially for its phrase-slogan “fortune favors the brave” referring to cryptocurrency investors. 

Naturally, such criticism also surrounded the US actor Damon, who found himself acting out a script by stepping into the part of a motivational influencer.

And indeed, just as it happens in sports, in the world of soccer, Formula 1 and UFC where Crypto.com has been involved as a sponsor, the commercial was meant to “motivate” the community to invest in crypto, somehow referencing human evolution.

Not surprisingly, in the commercial, Damon compares crypto investors to Arctic explorers, the Wright Brothers, and astronauts.

Cronos (CRO) and the recovery of the price dump

Meanwhile, Crypto.com’s crypto, Cronos (CRO) seems to have recovered from the small price dump that occurred over the past 7 days, returning to $0.069. In fact, since the beginning of this week, CRO had fallen to $0.066.

CRO ranks 35th in market capitalization in the cryptocurrency rankings. At the time of writing, its total market cap exceeds $1.7 billion.

Certainly, the latest pieces of news on the global financial market have challenged CRO’s performance. And indeed, 20 days ago, news had leaked out that Crypto.com may no longer be able to maintain On-Ramp Fiat. 

In essence, with the crypto-friendly banking crises, the crypto-exchange found itself in trouble. Indeed, it was thought that Crypto.com might soon lose its ability to accept USD deposits.


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