Take a DeFi-powered holiday with Eidoo and lastminute.com


    Exploring the world of DeFi is as exciting as it comes, but what if you could take your open finance on the open road – or even to the open skies? With Eidoo’s new lastminute.com partnership, you can! 

    Anyone who signs up for Eidoo Card at the VIP and Black membership levels will receive a lastminute.com voucher to redeem on their official site. 

    lastminute.com IS the place for fuss-free booking

    Customers can select from thousands of flights and over 500,000 hotels worldwide to book online or by phone. And once your trip is in motion, your wheels may be too! With a network of over 900 companies in 160 countries, it’s easy to see why LastMinute is considered the world’s biggest online car rental service. 

    You can take your DeFi with you thanks to Eidoo Card

    Eidoo Card is the personal Visa debit card powered by your DeFi wallet! With three membership levels, cardholders can experience a variety of perks and rewards, all while gaining the power to use their digital currencies anywhere – in restaurants, stores, or even ATMS. And thanks to the complementary integration with Eidoo App, cardholders can easily convert their Bitcoin and Ether into British Pounds or Euros, and earn crypto cashback right inside the app. 

    How does it work? 

    In order to secure your LastMinute.com voucher, sign up for your VIP or Black Eidoo Card through the app and complete Tier 2 of the eidooID verification process.* Once verified, you will receive a 16-digit code representative of your voucher. 

    VIP Card holders will receive £50 British Pounds or €50 Euros**

    Black Card holders will receive £100 British Pounds or €100 Euros**

    Once you receive your voucher, you can redeem its value towards bookings and travel purchases at lastminute.com

    Whether you dream of jetting off on holiday or indulging in a staycation at a luxury hotel, a new adventure awaits you! Sign up for your VIP or Black Eidoo Card, and indulge in your DeFi-powered holiday. 


    *Eidoo Cards are available for all UK and EU based users who have passed our Know-Your-Customer process, eidooID. If you have already set up your eidooID in your wallet, you can request a new card with no additional verification. 

    **Voucher amount in British Pounds or Euros is determined by recipient’s location.