Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Mood Pump&Dump early in the week: Valentine’s Day with Mercury in Aquarius on Monday 14/2 puts your thoughts in love with your personal affirmation, mentally awakening your most original, innovative and unconventional dreams! Not only that, the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 16/2 puts into lightning-mode your commitment and responsibility for your personal evolution with the pump on the courage to make your dreams come true. Love and personal projects are still under scrutiny, waiting for confirmations that you may want to hear from within. The time has come for you to pass the lightning torch to the next sign: the entry of the new Sun into Pisces on Friday 18/2 inaugurates your month dedicated to “capital gains” and it’s time to consider how to invest your personal balance: which crypto-assets deserve your long? Weekend sees a bullish mood: the desire to explore new horizons envelops you!