Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week: your roadmap is flowing and the last step of closing and beginning of the cycle arrives, all yet to be crossed. The new Sun in Capricorn from Tuesday 21/12, opens your month as a DYOR – Do Your Own Research. Time to live as a HODLer and clarify which shorts and longs to make. A bit of a dump in the middle part: you have a sky that half talks about study and observation, questions and answers, all to be clarified in your thoughts and also in emotional relationships, while the other half talks about affirmation! The last year has seen you as a protagonist in building your ideal life structure with commitment and responsibility, starting with work. In the Christmas weekend you return to the bull run: perhaps you don’t like conventional festivities but you certainly don’t renounce the spirit of “new beginnings” that vibrates in the air, to be shared with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!