Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


Mood bullish early in the week: wanting to discover new dimensions, who knows maybe taking a nice vacation. Not only that, on the line is the new Mercury entering Cancer from Tuesday, 27/6, and your mind is fired up with logical, detail-oriented, rational thoughts, but also dedicated to self-love. Besides, now what there is to do is to organize your to-do list as best you can, so that you can also enjoy your free time as you wish, taking care of you. Volatile mood in the middle part: perhaps this is not the ideal time to realize some of your personal ambitions. In relationships, you are in heavy hard-fork through October, and that is a long period in which you verify that there are two reflections of you that you see when you mirror yourself in other people. Weekend in a bullish mood: craving for lightness, feeling inspired by new things, and projecting yourself into your future!