Weekly horoscope about Aquarius


HODLer in market observation early in the week: with the Full Moon in Capricorn on Monday, 3/9, you feel like isolating yourself to close and inwardly open a cycle, just now that you are devoting yourself to your personal well-being. This activity brings your mood to-the-moon in the middle: you feel more affirmed now, without melancholy of the past or FOMO about the future, but in the fullness of your present. Venus and Mars in opposition are causing you to “reflect,” (really meaning reflection with a mirror) in the people you associate with, and who knows what has transpired. Not only that, your new ventures are also under check to figure out the pros and cons, and perhaps you’ve finally decided how to proceed. Weekend in practicality pump: you are inspired to see value in what you do, as if it were your own personal capital gain of satisfaction. Sunday is more bullish!