Weekly horoscope about Cancer


Mood pump at the beginning of the week: Valentine’s Day with Mercury in Aquarius on Monday 14/2 puts your thoughts in love with the “transformation” from the traditionalism you love to anti-conventional situations that you feel inspire and ignite you! Not only that, the Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday 16/2 puts in lightning-mode how much space you’ve made within yourself to accommodate the new things you wish to experience now, with the pump on courage! Love and personal projects are in a long hard-fork pause but you don’t despair, on the contrary, you quietly feel that all this waiting has its own deep reason, as much as what will come next. The entrance of the new Sun in Pisces on Friday 18/2 inaugurates your month dedicated to ‘exploration’ and you are already looking ‘far away’, over-the-counter, perhaps even booking a trip out of town! Weekend with a more bearish mood: maybe you realize there are still restrictions in place for travel!