Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Start of the week in a bull run mood, ideal for resolving some issues related to home issues or with family. Mercury in Taurus from Monday 11/4 puts a dose of “expression” into your thoughts. At least mentally, you return more of a stage star and are confident of finding courageous solutions to various situations. In the central part, you continue in a bullish mood: affective relationships are in “decentralization”, that is, you feel like sharing different transactions with friends and non-friends, whether they are amorous or work-related. More in the dumps in the final part: with Mars in Pisces from Friday 15/4, even your personal project roadmap is more open-source to new ideas, while with the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16/4 in lightning comes a solution to your latest “home & family” obstacles. At Easter you experience a strong feeling of innovation and progress, who knows who you’ll be celebrating it with!