Weekly horoscope about Capricorn


Mood dump early in the week even though the new Sun in Sagittarius on Monday 22/11 ushers in your DYOR (Do Your Own Research) months and the feeling is one of wanting to isolate yourself to rework everything you’ve experienced so far. All the longs and shorts you’ve made, the stop-losses you’ve set in time and the ones you’ve totally lost! But also all the interesting new assets, the ones that yielded capital-gains. Mercury in Sagittarius on Wednesday 24/11 adds this situation also in your mental sphere and thoughts go into HODL and observation of your history! In relationships, you continue the long period that sees you leading the way in establishing yourself with your partner, children, boss, colleagues and all the relationships around you. Weekend more bullish: the desire to travel, even if only in thought, lights up your soul!