Weekly horoscope about Leo


Mood volatility early in the week: you‘re still down from the good weekend and struggling to start properly again! In the middle part you come back more on the bull run: you find satisfaction in everything you have to do, bringing out the most expressive and talented part of yourself! With the Sun in Aquarius from Friday 20/1 you enter your “hard-fork” month, the one that puts you in deep “verify” about everything you feel like married to, from your partner, to your work and personal life projects! As if there is a stop-and-go made of reflections on how your roadmap is progressing. Even in relationships you are already in this dimension: who knows you are reevaluating your partner or co-workers. Over the weekend the New Moon in Aquarius also arrives, and then the rift is also internal, and it is from here that you will slowly find the right answers.