Weekly horoscope about Leo


HODLing and observing the market early in the week: the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on Monday 17/10 is “emotional” and asks you to reflect on what you are conveying to others today, considering how this message represents an end and beginning of a new cycle! Mood to-the-moon in the central part: perhaps the clarity you feel among your thoughts will be your new way of bringing you to yourself and to the life you lead! On the other hand, you are managing to execute deep thought transactions with friendly nodes and with your partner! More in a pump of concreteness in the final part: your more materialistic side comes to visit you. During the weekend, with the Sun and Venus entering Scorpio from Sunday 23/10, the new month of “home&family” begins. And the general check on the “nest” in which you live begins, maybe because you’re moving or maybe because there’s a new role in the family.