Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Pump of practicality early in the week: Mars enters Virgo from Monday 10/7 and your personal ventures go “hard-fork.” Who knows, your roadmap has come to a fork in the road and there is a need for reflection to figure out what new direction to choose. Mercury goes into Leo from Tuesday 11/7 and puts some logic into your thoughts so that you can better organize all ideas. Mood bullish in the middle part: luck supports you in trading, not only crypto-assets, but also mindset. In fact, it‘s a good time when you’re super open-minded and, where possible, you might want to take advantage of that. Mood volatility in the later part: in relationships you are perhaps a little too fussy, precise, and even touchy. Weekend in mood bull run: inwardly you are an airdrop of strong emotions!