Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Bullish mood at the beginning of the week, followed by some volatility: you‘ve closed your baggage and are ready to go again, as in, going from observer to protagonist is a snap! Oh yes, because the cycle of your zodiacal year comes to a close, and what is done is done, and what has been decided can no longer be changed. Uranus in opposition has put unpredictability right on you about relationships and everything you feel like you’re “married” to, and you’re seeing how you handle that. More in a bullish mood in the final part: in spite of everything Venus is in the house so new harmonies are knocking at your door, better to open than stay put! Weekend in HODL in market observation: the new Sun in Pisces on Saturday 18/2 ushers in the new stage from “Bitcoin” and now there’s a new whitepaper 3.0 to prepare that talks about your personal evolution.