Weekly horoscope about Pisces


To-the-moon mood early in the week: the New Moon in Pisces on Monday, 2/20 aligns this “Bitcoin” period on an inner level as well. There’s your Whitepaper 3.0 to be written in black and white, and the key points of your evolution you want to put into action-think hard about your wishes before you blow out the candles! Pump of concreteness in the middle part: the new Venus in Aries from Monday 20/2 sees you being realistic in relationships, ready to figure out on the fly which people are worth it in terms of the value they would bring to your life, and which ones, go short and dismissed. In general, the advice is to enjoy the period because from March Saturn will arrive in the sign and along with it a nice 3-year teaching that you will have to learn. Weekend in a bullish mood: want to have fun, between chats and appetizers!