Weekly horoscope about Pisces


The week starts in a bullish mood followed, however, by a feeling in hard-fork: you’re closing your suitcase for your next trip, and perhaps melancholy comes in for something you won’t take with you. Your decisions have been made, and because of that, you may feel a little pump&dump in mood, but no big deal, it’s all passing. Bull run of mood in the final part: a sense of renewal comes to lift your spirits and hush hush, you savor a certain inner transformation of yourself. In relationships you’re a bit more of a protagonist than usual, keeping relationships open-hearted or, if you’re single, making new special encounters! Weekend mood pump: Mercury enters Aquarius on Saturday 11/2 and makes you more observant than usual even in your mental sphere, giving you thoughts that complement this general HODLer period you’re experiencing.