Weekly horoscope about Pisces


Your mood touches the ATH – All Time High – in courage early in the week: the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on Monday 17/10 asks you to reflect on the new shape your life is taking, considering your talents and your pulling them out at opportune times. In a bullish mood in the central part: your self-love and self-esteem go into a pump thanks to your taking care of the details in what you do. You’ve changed in your relationships, deep down you’ve discovered a new part of yourself, all to be brought out! A pump&dump in mood in the final part: maybe the changes put you a bit in FUD and FOMO about your connections, but nothing insurmountable!  Whereas over the weekend, with the Sun and Venus entering Scorpio from Sunday 23/10, we usher in the new month of ‘exploration’. And now, it’s off to new horizons, creative ones perhaps or virtual ones or the combination of the two: metaverse NFT.