Weekly horoscope about Sagittarius


Bullish mood early in the week: the new Sun in Sagittarius on Monday 22/11 ushers in your month as the “Bitcoin” star of the entire crypto market. With eyes on you, you sense that the long-awaited time to work out a new version of you 2.0 has arrived. Mercury in Sagittarius on Wednesday, 24/11 adds this situation in your mental sphere as well and your thoughts are reborn, talking about a new affirmation of yourself! The mood marks an ATH – All Time High of enthusiasm! A lot of concrete support comes from the relationships that now surround you in work, in love, in friendship. All this newfound desire to “explore”, typical of your sign, goes into bear market over the weekend: maybe it’s better to take some time to definitively short the FOMO of the past!