Weekly horoscope about Scorpio


Beginning of the week in a bullish mood: the Last Quarter Moon in Cancer on Monday 17/10 relaxes you and asks you to rethink this imaginary baggage that you are closing in order to begin again with a new start, considering all the inner explorations you have done. Mood volatility in the central part: in focus on work, perhaps too much… be careful not to obsess over details that are not so important. In relationships, you have remained rather passive, observant, even here thinking of closing and opening a new cycle! More in a bullish mood in the final part: you finally breathe some air of “future”. And in fact, over the weekend, with Sun and Venus entering Scorpio from Sunday 23/10, the new month of “personal affirmation” is inaugurated. And so you feel like the Bitcoin of the moment, leader of the crypto market, with a desire to evolve into your 3.0 dimension.