Weekly horoscope about Virgo


HODLing and observing the market at the beginning of the week: you are quieter and you feel the change inside you! Mercury in Taurus from Monday 11/4 puts your thoughts into exploration, movement and perhaps some new ‘mental journeys’ will begin. As a good logician, I wouldn’t be surprised if you manage to make them real in the short term! To-the-moon mood in the central part: in relationships, you are in hard-fork, deeply considering how to continue with your emotional or work relationship. More in pump of concreteness in the final part, with Mars in Pisces from Friday 15/4 also your roadmap of personal projects goes in verify-mode, as if a split is now necessary to “give birth” to a new blockchain. With the Full Moon in Libra on Saturday 16/4 in your transformation in action goes into lightning-mode. Easter with a desire to decentralize with all kinds of nodes!