Weekly horoscope about Virgo


The week starts off in a bull run of moods: slowly you notice how you are transforming yourself, entering fully into the new version of you! But already in the central part of the week, volatility seems to assail you… yes, because this new Venus in Pisces, from Tuesday 5/4, puts you on the hard-fork in emotional relationships and now you have to understand whether to stay or fly away! So you begin to make your comparisons, with your mental sphere pushing for new metaverses in which your avatar is more rebellious to past situations. But love? Perhaps you feel a little FUD and FOMO as far as emotions go. In the final part, you seek out friends/nodes to talk about possible metaverses about your future and come up with your own ideas. On Sunday, however, you are more in HODLer in observation: maybe you need to relax!