Weekly horoscope about Virgo


HODLing and observing the market early in the week: quieter than usual, you analyze what your surroundings want to communicate to you. Unfortunately, however, Venus arrives in Sagittarius from Wednesday 16/11 which puts your love and work relationships in “check” because of the priority there is now on “home&family” matters which make you less present in the couple, even if in a justified way! To-the-moon mood in the central part: in any argument you have a forceful pump in asserting what you think is right for you and your future. Mercury in Sagittarius from Thursday 17/11 puts a bit of FUD and FOMO in your thoughts, dumping your trademark logic and confusing your mind a bit. Weekend in pump of concreteness: you’re more practical than usual, ready to grasp whether certain situations are doable or not.