Weekly horoscope about Virgo


Start of the week in a mood pump: the New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday 1/2 asks you to work out inside you the freedom to live in your own health and well-being. You want to take care of yourself, your work, your time and your loved ones, in a careful, precise and even “fussy” way as you like it! The rationality you bring out in organising everything is excellent! In the middle part, some volatility arrives, making you anxious, perhaps because the strong attention is transmuted into “control”. Try to breathe and not obsess too much. Luckily Mercury returns direct from Thursday 4/2 and puts the pump on the mental sphere, of which you are a real talent for logic, analysis and problem-solving and happiness embraces you! More bullish weekend: a passionate charge urges you to get to work on perfecting certain aspects of your plan.