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The BlackRock Bitcoin spot ETF exceeds 200,000 BTC

New absolute record for the daily trading volume on the stock exchange: almost 4 billion dollars.

BlackRock news: the financial giant invests in Bitcoin ETFs through Global Allocation

The incredible move by BlackRock in the world of Bitcoin.

The BlackRock ETF buys another 12,000 Bitcoin (BTC)

Maximum record for the number of BTC acquired daily by IBIT.

Great news for BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF

Record of volumes, and overtaking at the doors of the historic Grayscale ETF.

Vertex on BlackRock’s institutional digital assets: Bitcoin ETF under the spotlight

BlackRock is at the center of the stage with its Institutional Digital Assets Summit.

Great news from BlackRock’s ETF: Bitcoin is progress

The new advertisement from the world's largest asset manager could bring significant benefits to Bitcoin.

Day of high volumes for BlackRock: Bitcoin ETFs reach a volume of 1 billion dollars

The BlackRock IBIT Bitcoin ETF has recorded an impressive daily trading volume of $341.2 million.

BlackRock: the spot ETF on Bitcoin surpasses Grayscale’s GBTC in daily volume

The leadership of BlackRock's ETF indicates a shift in preferences among investors in the crypto sector?

The BlackRock Bitcoin ETF exceeds $2 billion

All the data seems positive for the new Bitcoin spot ETFs, except perhaps for the increase in centralization.

BlackRock Bitcoin ETF: IBIT reaches $2 billion AUM

The fund holds almost 50k BTC.

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