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The CEO of BlackRock, Bitcoin, and digital gold

To promote their ETF, Larry Fink has drawn several comparisons between BTC and gold.

Bitcoin news: the numbers of ETFs from Grayscale to Blackrock

Here is the analysis of the numbers and news of the various Bitcoin spot ETFs launched on the market, from Grayscale to Blackrock.

BlackRock: the advertising of its Bitcoin ETF targets boomers

It seems to be successful, as among the new ETFs it is the one that has attracted the most funds.

BlackRock awaits approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF: the decision is expected on Wednesday

BlackRock, Fidelity, and other pioneers submit approval requests to the SEC.

Bitcoin News: Will BlackRock acquire another $10 million worth of BTC on January 3, 2024?

The forecast concerns the initial funding for its spot Bitcoin ETF.

How BlackRock transitioned from crypto skeptic to industry leader

From Bitcoin being “an index of money laundering” to a "flight to quality"...

News from the SEC on ETFs: BlackRock has obtained the ticker.

It seems that everything is ready for the landing on Nasdaq: only the approval of the SEC is missing.

The strategic review of BlackRock for accessing the Spot Bitcoin ETF bypasses the concerns of the SEC.

With an unexpected revolutionary move by the SEC, BlackRock is pioneering a change in the realm of Bitcoin ETFs.

SEC: important news about BlackRock’s ETF request

The SEC is working hard to meet the January 10 deadline, ready for approval.

BlackRock: received an initial capital of $100,000 for the Bitcoin spot ETF.

The ETF manager may have already started buying BTC on the spot market, although to a very limited extent.

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