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Michael Saylor: if it’s not Bitcoin it will go to zero

An extremely maximalist position but somehow reasonable in its own way

Changes at MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor steps down from CEO position

Phong Le will fill the position of Chief Executive Officer

Quarrel between Vitalik Buterin and Michael Saylor

The founder of Ethereum, who has never had a good relationship with the CEO of Microstrategy, called him a clown

Michael Saylor: I am a bitcoin maximalist

He stated this openly, although it was already widely understood

Michael Saylor: “Ethereum is a security”

The problem is in having a management team that can in fact arbitrarily change the protocol

Michael Saylor expects Bitcoin to reach $1 million

The CEO of MicroStrategy is still extremely bullish on BTC

Investing in Bitcoin is worth it according to Michael Saylor

Bitcoin is seen as a better safe haven asset than gold

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin doesn’t need Warren Buffett’s support

Other companies have also performed very well despite the disinterest of the Oracle of Omaha

Crypto regulation: Michael Saylor likes Gary Gensler’s thinking

The well-known crypto influencer argues that greater regulatory clarity would allow Bitcoin to grow further 

Brock Pierce and Michael Saylor optimistic about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Most notably, Saylor is already starting to reason in the millions of dollars regarding the price of bitcoin

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