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Brock Pierce and Michael Saylor optimistic about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Two prominent influencers in the crypto world, Brock Pierce and Michael Saylor, have recently expressed optimistic views on the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s future predictions according to Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor, always very bullish on Bitcoin, yesterday posted a tweet that leaves little room for interpretation.

According to Saylor, in the future, the purchase price for those who have bought BTC will not be particularly important, should it be 0.01 or 0.03 or 0.05 million dollars.

0.01 million corresponds to $10,000, the price of BTC last year, while 0.05 million corresponds to $50,000, the price reached at the beginning of September.

The fact that Saylor expresses these figures as fractions of millions, and not in tens of thousands of units, suggests quite clearly that he expects the price of BTC to be measured in millions of dollars in the future.

Moreover, he is not the first to suggest that in the future the price of bitcoin could well exceed $1 million, although that could take many years.

Brock Pierce Bitcoin
Brock Pierce

Bitcoin analysis by Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce, on the other hand, was less blunt.

According to the director of the Bitcoin Foundation, bitcoin is bringing more accountability to the markets.

Pierce added that the blame for any irresponsible behaviour in the use of BTC does not lie at all with the Bitcoin protocol itself, but always with those who carry out such actions.

He went on to say that cryptocurrencies are extremely important because they bring transparency to the world’s financial systems, and inclusion to billions of people on the planet who currently have little or no access to financial instruments.

According to Pierce, cryptocurrencies make opportunities more democratic for everyone.

He also argues that change is a constant in the universe, and the only thing you can do is adapt to the changes.

One such change is taking place within the banking system, with cryptocurrencies opening it up to the less privileged.

The innovative scope of these new technologies goes far beyond speculation or the financial markets, but concerns the whole of society, especially those groups that have so far been excluded from the financial world.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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