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Ukraine launches NFT Museum to preserve war memories

Due to the severe losses, not only economic, that Ukraine has suffered as a result of the war, the country is trying to support its population by raising funds through the sale of NFTs

Russia is not circumventing sanctions with Bitcoin

Volumes are too low, inconsistent with sanctions

Ukraine: crypto donations grow

It appears that more than 90 million dollars have been donated since the outbreak of the war

Dark Web: the 20 most easily hackable passwords

'123456', 'Iloveyou', 'Qwerty': the list of most easily cracked credentials by hackers

Ukraine wants to become a global hub for cryptocurrencies

A crypto law had been approved last September

Ukraine: council member declares 124 Bitcoin

A new chapter opens on the typology of digital income in Ukraine. The NAPC investigates

Ukraine state crypto to reduce circulating cash

A blockchain-based version of the country’s local currency is being studied with the aim of reducing the use of cash and speeding up transactions

Miner police officers steal electricity in Ukraine

In a police station in Rivne discovered unauthorized equipment to undermine cryptocurrencies. The theft would last for four months. And now the thieves have ended up on trial

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