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Microsoft has a new crypto partner: Ankr

Ankr and Microsoft deal: token flies after historic partnership

OpenAI and Microsoft implement Vall-E: the new voice chatbot that expands the power of artificial intelligence

Vall-E: OpenAI and Microsoft's new voice chabot in response to Google in the field of AI

First round of earnings for Meta, Amazon, Tesla and Microsoft stocks

A journey through the most important companies that make up the Nasdaq

Microsoft: online services go down globally for over 2 hours

The IT giant fixes network problems that disrupted Outlook, Teams and others

Microsoft wants to acquire ChatGPT

However, the investment is puzzling, so much so that the markets have not taken it very well

Italian stocks beat Wall Street: the performance of Eni, Enel, Unicredit, Microsoft and Ferrari

With a bear market nearing its end and a contrasting session, it can be seen that regardless of the sector many Italian stocks are performing better than those in the US

Shares of Microsoft, Tesla, Meta and Robinhood on the stock market

Performance on the stock market and third-quarter release

Microsoft invests in blockchain gaming with StarHeroes

Thanks to the investment by the company founded by Bill Gates, the video game will become part of the Azure PlayFab multiplayer game server

Microsoft participates in funding of startup Palm NFT

On Thursday it announced a $27 million Series B raise led by M12 Venture Fund

Microsoft and Call of Duty diving into the metaverse 

New experiences are captivating all sectors

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