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The most popular companies accepting crypto payments

Cryptocurrencies were born to facilitate digital payments, and e-commerce seems to be betting big on them

The Terra Collapse [A Thorough Analysis]

LUNA 2.0 is also facing a questionable future

Which large companies use blockchain and crypto?

81 of the world's top 100 companies by market capitalization use blockchain-based tools in some way

Cryptocurrency capitalization to 5 trillion by 2028

This is revealed in a research by Facts and Factors

Increasing adoption of NFTs, from gaming to major fashion houses

From fashion houses to gaming and the arts, NFTs are becoming more and more mainstream

Gemini set to invest $400m in the metaverse

The company founded by the Winklevoss twins is ready to make a substantial capital increase to invest in the new business. 

JP Morgan suspends political donations

The decision comes after the events on Capitol Hill

Bioplastic in the retail sector: Seven-Eleven Japan chooses the biobased one

The major distribution brands as a guide to the use of bioplastics The retail world is increasingly preparing for the use of sustainable plastics: from...

Justin Sun with Warren Buffet at the Quince Restaurant

TRON founder's lunch with the Oracle of Omaha will be held on July 25th in San Francisco, in a restaurant that symbolises both tradition and innovation

Cryptopia: First liquidation report released

After the New Zealand Court had granted another ten days to release the liquidation report, Cryptopia today released the first report through Grant Thornton.

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