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Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is the future of property

The CEO of Microstrategy is increasingly bullish

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is forever

The CEO of Microstrategy spoke on CNBC's Fast Money show

Michael Saylor: one billion bitcoin holders within 5 years

The boom in downloads for the Coinbase app after the IPO suggests a boom in the number of users

Michael Saylor: every company should have bitcoin

The CEO of MicroStrategy says it is time to follow Tesla's lead

Michael Saylor: Bitcoin is the Google of money

The CEO of MicroStrategy has revealed why the company invested in BTC

Michael Saylor: bitcoin is the scarcest asset there is

BTC could eventually replace gold as the primary store of value

Micheal Saylor raises doubts about the legality of BRC-20 tokens

In this article we will analyze Saylor's views on BRC-20 tokens and the implications of his statements

US: Dorsey, Saylor and Lee against the Democrats on mining

Eight errors were found in the Democrats' letter to the EPA on mining pollution

Good news for MicroStrategy and the price of Bitcoin

Michael Saylor announced that they intend to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase more BTC.

MicroStrategy news: 190,000 Bitcoins reached

Other 850 BTC purchased in January by Michael Saylor's company.

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