VC report

VC report from Oxford: virtual currencies vs fiat money

A paper by two scholars of the prestigious English University analyzes the conflicts and problems that digital currencies create for the traditional monetary system, also on a legal level
Crypto pattern

Crypto pattern: The SEC keeps the market on hold

The rebound of mid-August seems to have lost its momentum. Despite the weekly balance remaining positive for all the top 25 coins, the day is characterized by red signs
MetLife app

Blockchain Metlife app that helps diabetes patients

LumenLab has developed an app to receive compensation for metabolic changes in pregnant women
bank security token

Liechtenstein, Union Bank security token coming soon

The traditional institute is ready to issue cryptocurrencies in full compliance with all the laws in force in the country.
million BTC

Bitmex, Satoshi didn’t mine 1 million BTC

According to the exchange, the number of bitcoins accumulated by the creator of the main cryptocurrency would be no more than 750 thousand, a quarter less than estimated
smart contract software

Antonopoulos, “The smart contract software is stupid”

On Youtube, the famous crypto influencer talks about Ethereum and smart contracts
TokenPay team

TokenPay team attacks BCH, but Roger Ver doesn’t respond

The project that aspires to become a payment crypto accuses the famous bitcoin fork of being slow and expensive. The provocation, however, has been ignored
Cointree exchange

Australian Cointree exchange allows paying bills with crypto

Thanks to the partnership between Gobbill and the trading platform Cointree, digital currencies can be used to pay for electricity, gas, telephone, insurance and more...
insurance sector

The SSE meets blockchain in the insurance sector

In China, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Asset Management Association will work together in the insurance sector using blockchain technology