RSC Project

Ronaldinho launches RSC Project and his crypto

RSC Project is a project of World Soccer Coin to which the ex-footballer lends his face. The ICO is supposed to be July 15th, but to date there is still no whitepaper
popular bank of china

Popular bank of china against cryptos

The Central Bank’s Vice President, Gao Gongsheng, confirms the ban on ICO and digital currencies. And invokes more strict rules against "the riskiness of the Internet"
low volatility

Low volatility day for cryptos, the market is directionless

Low volatility day, not a good day for Tezos, but a good one for KuCoin and Waltoihain. Bitcoin rises to 43% of dominance
tangle technology

Tangle technology continues to be under attack

Tangle technology continues to be under attack regarding transactions and scalability. Side tangles are also emerging now
Harpoon Cannon

Whales scammed with the Harpoon Cannon

A brief vademecum on how owners of multi-million dollar wallets are scammed. For example, with the sophisticated technique of "Harpoon Cannon".
Sec opinion

For SEC opinion of citizens matters: “We want ETF on bitcoin”

The US Supervisory Authority is asking investors for an opinion before authorizing the clone indexes proposed by the CBOE on the queen of all crypto. And everyone says yes
blockchain world

Binance Vs Buterin: the war of the blockchain world

The battle between the great exchange continues and the genius of ETH
London Football Exchange

London Football Exchange scores a goal on the blockchain

The London Football Exchange teams up with Penta to manage ticketing activities, offer stadium visits, team meetings and more. And the PNT token flies
WEG Bank

Litecoin Foundation and TokenPay scale WEG Bank

The partial acquisition of the German institution will serve to create banking services and to spread the use of cryptocurrencies between consumers and traders