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Eidoo: the hybrid exchange of the cryptocurrency wallet

The particular feature is that it is halfway between a decentralised and a centralised solution

Blockchain Week Rome and tonight’s meetup with Eidoo

On the first day of the summit, there will be an aperitif organised by the Swiss company.

Eidoo: crypto in the spotlight for charity

We are happy to announce today that the Eidoo team and that of Poseidon - the holding company of our Swiss company - have...

Interview with Giacomo Zucco: readers’ questions – Part 1

During the live broadcast, the CEO and founder of BlockchainLab did not have time to answer all the users' enquiries. Here's the first part of the answers

Non-fungible tokens: What are they and how to use them

There is an increasing hype around non-fungible tokens, but many still don’t know what they are and what functions do they perform.

Alex Tapscott, “Permissioned systems will become more isolated”

Cryptonomist exclusive interview with CEO and Founder of NextBlock Global about the future of blockchain technologies

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