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In Malta, less traffic with the blockchain

In Malta, less traffic with the blockchain. Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano.

Malta has a comeback in the cryptocurrencies world.

Since some time, the island in the middle of the Mediterranean is taking action to become a cryptocurrencies paradise.

After business-friendly initiatives for those operating in the sector and specific tax benefits for the virtual currency world, the Maltese government has signed a partnership with Omnitude, a company specialized in creating blockchain solutions that integrate business systems, supply chains, and eCommerce platforms.

The partnership will allow the use of blockchain technology to optimize national public transport thanks to the development of a logistics platform.

The statements

The confirmation came from the transport minister, infrastructure, and investment projects Ian Borg and takes part on the broader government project for the implementation of blockchain technology within the transport organization.

“We believe in Omnitude’s blockchain technology and the many fields of application also useful for the government. We realize its potential for various government departments that will create a primary technological platform as part of our commitment to promote innovation. The blockchain technology will improve the quality of life and the access to information for all Maltese citizens. It is a fundamental part of our global national technology strategy”.

Chris Painter, CEO, and founder of Omnitude said, “Governments around the world start to see the potentials of blockchain technology to reduce costs and optimize services. Malta has an extremely progressive government, and we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership implies”.

Rossana Prezioso
Rossana Prezioso
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