Crypto, if the bull grazes, employment increases
Crypto, if the bull grazes, employment increases

Crypto, if the bull grazes, employment increases

By Giancarlo Donadio - 21 May 2018

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Nowadays, in the labor market, flexibility is the first thing. It is not just a question of adapting to a constantly evolving context, but also of understanding what new trends are born within this world and how quickly the labor market responds and changes to the economic situation.

Bitcoin as a job opportunity

An example? The phenomenon of cryptocurrencies. Although for some the bitcoin may be a bit more complicated in its structure, the Crypto & Blockchain universe offers new professional possibilities.

Not just investments or speculation, therefore. And it’s not about being a nerd or a fan of the industry.

In reality, more and more people are becoming interested in the phenomenon and want to get into what can be seen as a fully-fledged business. This also explains the ever-increasing presence of companies offering jobs that deal with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general.

The trend

A recent analysis by Textio has examined millions of job advertisements published online in the last year and noted a strange trend: when the price of bitcoin is growing, also the related job advertisements increase. On the other hand, when the crypto market goes down (or even collapses), the job offers, in that sector, decreased. All with a noticeable direct correction.

The peak, in fact, was reached at the end of 2017 or when the bitcoin reached its historical maximum of around 20 thousand dollars. In that period the work requests related to the crypto world have reached the peak and then fell completely (or almost) at the beginning of 2018 or in parallel with the collapse.

In short, if you see a lot of job offers in the world Crypto & Blockchain, check on some exchange if, in fact, even the Taurus has awakened.

Giancarlo Donadio

Giancarlo starts writing about business with Millionaire. With the magazine from Milan, he collaborates in the realization of "STARTUP. Sogna, Credici, Realizza. Dall'idea al successo" (Startup. Dream, Believe, Realize. From idea to success) for Hoepli. Since 2016 he's been collaborating with Startupitalia! where he specializes in fintech, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies within the SmartMoney column. Today he is a co-founder of Pandant, a web agency focused on content marketing and personal branding.

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