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Bannon: “Bitcoin and crypto are revolutionary”

For Bannon Bitcoin and crypto are revolutionary: Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano

We can add the name of Stephen Bannon to the list of crypto celebrities who invest in the sector.

Bannon is ultra-conservative and to a great extent the author of Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections.

Bannon, in fact, says he is attracted by the “revolutionary” aspect of Bitcoin.

Bannon’s interest in blockchain technology and Bitcoin is new to many. In fact, for some time now, he has been putting his money into the most popular and capitalised cryptocurrency in the world, as well as into companies that use ICOs to raise funds.

The New York Times gives a detailed account of Bannon’s passion for bitcoin.

Among other things, he is the former director of the so-called “alt-right” Breitbart’s website.

Even if he doesn’t talk about it, the former chief strategist of the American president has been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies for some time, as confirmed by some managers of hedge funds who are aware of the situation.

Bannon has quite a bit of money invested in bitcoin

Since he has invested a lot of money in bitcoin – it’s not known exactly how much – Bannon is reluctant to give specific information about his investments because of the controversies that are bound to arise when his name is in between.

Through Breitbart and his knowledge of the media, Bannon – a militant on America’s most extreme conservative wing – is accused of inciting hatred about social media and the Internet, a radical right-wing “populist”.

The New York Times reports that the businessman has met several hedge funds and has participated in some ‘token sales’ through his investment company, Bannon & Company. Bannon has also admitted to holding a relatively high amount of bitcoin, but it is not known when he first placed the bet.

Crypto: “a revolutionary form of disruptive populism”.

During a meeting of academic figures at Harvard, where Bannon obtained his MBA Master’s degree, he put forward the idea of creating a cryptocurrency for ethically deplorable people, citing the famous statement by former Democratic Front candidate Hillary Clinton on the “basket of deplorables” (adjective aimed at Trump supporters).

Bannon also told a Swiss newspaper that cryptos and blockchain would help populist movements to resist the European establishment.

Although his “work” is still in its infancy, Bannon said he wants to help people and countries launch their own cryptocurrencies into projects that are unlikely to take root in the United States.

Cryptocurrencies “are a form of disruptive populism”, he says in the interview given in his home to Washington. “It allows control to be regained by stealing it from the central authorities. It’s revolutionary.”

According to Bannon, in summary, anyone who controls fiat currencies also has control over society. But with cryptocurrencies, all this is destined to change.

Daniele Chicca
Daniele Chicca
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