This year bitcoin holidays are possible
This year bitcoin holidays are possible

This year bitcoin holidays are possible

By Fabio Carbone - 30 Jun 2018

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This year bitcoin holidays are possible: You don’t have euros in your wallet anymore because your funds are all in cryptocurrencies?

This year bitcoin holidays are possible: Leggi qui l’articolo in Italiano

Did you decide to embrace the crypto world to feel like Liberland’s citizens? But now that summer has arrived and you want to go on vacation, how do you pay? Where do they accept bitcoin?

No worries, the tourism industry is equipping itself in many parts of the world.

The decentralized cousin to visit the world

Cool Cousin is an app that brings together local guides and tourists who want to enjoy a holiday immersed in the culture of the place.

The cool cousin, whom you didn’t know, takes you around the city and introduces you to the best places.

Behind the project, there is an Israeli startup, which for some months has been developing a system to decentralize the mobile application. Once the decentralised system has been implemented, the local tour guide and the tourist will be in direct contact on the payment side via the CUZ token.

The decentralised travel agency

Do you prefer to organize everything yourself through online travel companies?

The online DIY organized travel will soon have an interesting tool on its side and promises to reduce costs by eliminating intermediaries.

The decentralized Winding Tree and TravelChain platforms are direct competitors of Expedia, Kayak, and Agoda.

Hotels and airlines come into direct contact with the tourist, who can book the holiday and pay with the LIF token of Winding Tree or use the travel token of TravelChain.

A smart contract generated on the respective digital platforms guarantees both parties against fraud and deception.

Brisbane: crypto accepted here

Australia is a magnificent land, its nature has something ancestral to it. By landing on the continent through the Brisbane Airport, you will definitely feel at ease.

The airport terminal has recently become a friend of cryptocurrencies.

The stores in the shopping area are equipped with digital POSs for the payment of products with the main cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, dash, ethereum and others.

Not only the airport, the entertainment district Fortitude Valley, in the historic heart of the city, is known as Crypto Valley: more than 20 shops accept cryptocurrency payments.

The cruise paid for in bitcoin

After landing in Brisbane, you can take a mini cruise to New Zealand with great ease. Thanks to eGifter you can buy the Carnival Cruise Lines gift card and book a cruise to the volcanic New Zealand lands.

The card can be used to purchase a Carnival cruise of your choice from the main routes offered. eGifter accepts bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin.

Alternatively, if you’re not afraid of old school websites, there’s Ships and Trips Travel. Here you can book US and coast to coast cruises.

Thailand. Phuket island with the OjuT token

Oju Group operates five-star hotels and exclusive villas on the tourist island of Phuket, Thailand. In recent months the group has started the ICO ‘OjuT – The Travel Coin‘ to support a new blockchain system dedicated to tourists.

The OjuT coin will be used by customers to book their stay in hotels or private villas, pay for transport, attractions and paid activities to be carried out on the island.

Space tourism

If you dream big and have already seen everything, soon there will be a new tourist perspective from which to look at the world.

Sir Richard Branson took crypto lovers and their motto to heart: “To the Moon!” The next space sightseeing trips aboard the carrier Virgin Galactic will also be paid for in bitcoins. How many bitcoins are required to go into space? The equivalent of 250 thousand US dollars at the current price.

Fabio Carbone

A freelance writer since 2013 he studied computer science, philosophy and also a bit of sociology. In 2016 he discovered the crypto economy and since then writes about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to further deepen a movement that is not only made of experts mathematicians and cryptographers but also of people who generate a new economy from the bottom. He writes about the same topic on various industry websites. He writes about Industry 4.0 and digital economy in general.

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