IOTA Volkswagen cars coming soon
IOTA Volkswagen cars coming soon

IOTA Volkswagen cars coming soon

By Marco Cavicchioli - 3 Sep 2018

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Volkswagen has been working with IOTA for a long time and the first release of the Digital CarPass is planned for 2019, which will monitor car performance data using blockchain technology to ensure that the collection of vehicle information is carried out reliably and safely.

This was confirmed directly by the head of Volkswagen’s Blockchain division Benjamin Sinram during the Ecomotion in Tel Aviv.

The Digital CarPass project involves the installation of specific software on vehicles capable of communicating in real time with the IOTA network.

It will be like a sort of scoreboard on which all the vehicle’s driving data, such as mileage, will be recorded safely and reliably.

Volkswagen wants to integrate this technology into its cars in order to be able to provide new services to users, together with an automatic payment system.

In addition, other blockchain-based solutions are being developed with its subsidiary Porsche, although at a less advanced stage.

The company of the famous sports cars is working on a solution that allows the use of multiple-person vehicles with identity verification via blockchain.

During the Tel Aviv event, titled “Smart Mobility meets Blockchain Technologies“, Sinram said that blockchain technology is interesting because it allows you to conduct transactions with transparency and immutability.

In addition, he confirmed that his team is working on five pilot projects, including the Digital CarPass that will be launched in early 2019.

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