Reality Gaming opens a crypto store in London
Reality Gaming opens a crypto store in London

Reality Gaming opens a crypto store in London

By Andrea Ferrari - 7 Sep 2018

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Reality Gaming is setting up a temporary crypto store in London‘s Soho district that will only accept digital currencies.

The initiative is part of the Crypto Week, the event sponsored by Soho Radio and Jägermeister that will celebrate digital currencies and educate the public on their uses.

The purpose of the temporary store dedicated to crypto is in fact purely educational, visitors will receive free masterclasses and Reality Clash (RCC) tokens that can be used to make their first cryptographic transactions and buy products that promote the new game of the company.

There will also be daily broadcasts on Soho Radio related to blockchain technology and the repercussions it may have on the music and gaming industries.

Guy Pearce, co-founder of the Reality Gaming Group which last year raised $3.5 million with an ICO, said: “We are conscious that many people are awasre of cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start with it – or think that you have to invest thousands of pounds.

London is already leading the way in the cryptocurrency scene, and so it’s right for us to dedicate a week to celebrating this brave new world“.

The crypto shop will be located at 22c Great Windmill Street and will be open from Monday 10 September to Friday 14 September.

The free masterclasses that will be held are the following:

. “A Beginner’s Guide To Buying & Using Cryptocurrency (Monday)

. “Exploring The Cultural Impact Of Video Games in 2018” (Tuesday)

. “How The Music Industry Is Using The Blockchain” (Wednesday)

. “Using The Blockchain & Cryptocurrency In Video Games” (Thursday)

. “Lessons From a Professional Hacker” (Friday)

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