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Pornhub crypto users are less than 1%

According to TNW – The New Web – Pornhub has apparently stated that the purchases of the Premium service performed in cryptocurrencies are less than 1%.

It looks like a demoralizing fact, but in reality, these are not such low numbers.

In fact, considering a report from last year, the entertainment giant gets an average of 8 million hits a day and 28.5 billion a year, perhaps 1% is not such a small number.

It was April 2018 when Pornhub joined the cryptocurrency sphere, initially signing agreements with Verge and later also with TRON and Zencash.

A strategic choice to promote the first token and then the integration of the others, so as to offer more privacy to users who, given the particularity of the service, prefer to act in anonymity without having to use a credit card.

Pornhub explains: “We expect to see widespread adoption of crypto[currency] and blockchain on our site in the near future“.

Not surprisingly, in August, Pornhub signed an agreement with the PumaPay crypto payment company, whose online launch is scheduled for early 2019, leaving just enough time to finalize the project.

Pornhub claims to have chosen this solution thanks to PumaPay’s “flexible billing capabilities,” which include “recurring payments and pay-per-use“.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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