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Bitcoin is no longer just virtual, InfoCoin of Rome is an example

In Rome, there is a place that could be defined as a contradiction in terms.

Info Coin was opened last March 25th by the homonymous association which include GRA and Mirko Falleri, who works at the Chamber of Deputies as a consultant and organizer of events on issues such as innovation, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

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In order to understand how to buy bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, invest in an ICO or learn to program, now you can go visit Info Coin, located in the Ostiense area, and talk in person with experts in the field who can clarify any doubt or difficulties you have with cryptocurrencies.

So here’s the contradiction in terms: in order to understand something that is decentralized, immaterial and encrypted, is there the need for a physical place where to meet in person?

Evidently so, according to the creators of Info Coin. The project was realized by Falleri together with GRA – Genuine Roman Art, which has been a communication agency and digital hub since 2007

Last November 8th, at the Info Coin in Rome, a cryptocurrency ATM has also been installed, which allows the purchase of bitcoin in a physical location. This is the ninth ATM installed by Chainblock, an Italian company in the sector founded in 2013 with the aim of facilitating access to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Purchasing via ATM is fast: after an initial registration, a scan of the ID and a photo of your face you can proceed to buy bitcoin, crediting the funds on your wallet or generating one directly from the ATM.

Chainblock comments on the news:

We are very happy to be back in Rome after having installed the first ATM at the Luiss Enlabs headquarters in 2014 (later moved to Turin). Our customers have been asking us for a long time to return to the capital and for us, this is an important goal that we are pleased to reach with our friends from Info Coin. This partnership seemed an excellent opportunity for us to provide dedicated and high-quality support to our users: buying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies means becoming the bank of oneself, and supporting new users in this revolutionary act is a privilege that we are pleased to entrust to our specialized hosts scattered throughout the Italian territory, like the team of Info Coin.”


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