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KodakOne: unpaid invoices for developers amounting to more than $100K

According to reports, it seems that KodakOne, the Kodak ICO announced last January 2018 and launched in May, has encountered problems with paying its developers. The unpaid invoices reach a total of over $100,000.

The discussions took place via email involving the law firm London Law Practice, which states the following:

Unfortunately apologies and unfulfilled promises of a payment proposal are not enabling my client to pay the people that did the work for [KodakOne]. Time is short and in the absence of any meaningful payment proposal, court proceedings will be commencing in [seven] days“.

Among the accusing contractors there is iFindTech, a company specialising in the recruitment of professional tech staff who, not receiving payments from KodakOne, suggested to the staff to stop the work.

Two other contractors are also considering legal action against KodakOne for unpaid invoices. One claims over $19,000 and the other, Armel Nene, over $36,000.

In a statement, Nene publicly accuses KodakOne of being a scam ICO:

I go straight to the point, this article details how Ryde, Wenn Digital and KODAK are using the blockchain hype to scam investors and employees of hundreds of thousands of euros.

So there’s a bit of confusion on social media: while it’s possible to find reasons for discussion, with accusations revealed by KodakOne collaborators, on the other hand, KodakOne executives find themselves promoting the project in all blockchain events around the world.

It seems that the actual development of the platform is at a standstill, although the Twitter announcements of the project speak of the launch of new portals and new partnerships.

Last month, in fact, the company announced the launch of the new post-license portal for its platform, but the implementation on the website is not yet available.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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