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South Korea: government testing a blockchain voting system

According to reports, the Ministry of Science and ICT, together with the NECNational Electoral Commission – of South Korea, intend to use blockchain technology in a voting system.

The system will be led by the Blockchain Society of Seoul National University and the Korea Internet & Security Agency.

Already in 2013, the NEC had managed an online voting system that, despite having a greater speed compared to the traditional method, did not solve the problems related to fraud and hacking.

For this reason, it will be the NEC that, after the tests that will be carried out next December in the private sector, will decide whether the blockchain based voting system can be used, with the aim of enhancing it later with new technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT.

According to what has been stated:

The latest system to be developed will apply blockchain in voter authentication and result saving, which will increase transparency and security. Voting will be conducted via mobile and personal computers. Data will be saved on a distributed network and all voters will be able to view voting results as they progress.

The South Korean government, after the half measures regarding ICOs and the crypto world, seems to be increasingly showing itself to be open and welcoming towards the entire crypto ecosystem.

In April, in fact, the executive had declared its intention to introduce cryptocurrencies in terms of taxation, thus confirming its legality in the territory, while in July it had introduced new rules of protection related to crypto-trading on exchanges.

South Korea is not the only nation to be attracted by the voting system based on blockchain technology: in Zug, the cryptovalley of Switzerland, the e-Vote has been tested, as well as in Japan, and just today a voting system was also tested at the Cavour high school in Rome.

Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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