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The top ten crypto Youtubers to follow

One of the most used social networks for crypto communication is undoubtedly Youtube because it combines effective communication with a simple realization that allows anyone, even with limited resources, to produce interesting content, especially the so-called Youtubers, of which a list of top ten channels dedicated to crypto is given below.

Every day about 5 billion videos are watched on the platform and 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute, making it the most popular streaming website in the world.

Here is the top ten of the most important crypto Youtubers of the moment:



Lark Davis is a well-known New Zealand cryptocurrency expert and has produced over 700 videos on many issues related to cryptocurrencies and their evolution. He doesn’t talk only about bitcoin but also includes many altcoins and his contents are very varied, ranging from general guides and Q&As to interviews and specific videos on individual topics. A really wide channel, with a bit of everything and followed by 84 thousand fans.



One of the most popular channels with over 192,000 followers and 550 videos, Ivan ranges from general technical topics and short courses to market analysis on future trends. Moreover, he often travels around the world visiting the various conventions and does interviews. In addition, his live coverages with other YouTubers in the sector are very interesting.



Another very large Youtube channel on the theme of virtual currencies is Boxmining with 195,000 subscribers and 425 videos uploaded. Boxmining started out as a mining channel but then widened his scope to the entire cryptocurrency world. Compared to Ivan on Tech, he is much more tied to the reality of the markets and the analysis of projects. He also visits the various conventions to do interviews or be interviewed.



This is a highly technical channel and focused on finance. Datadash has the largest number of followers, 325,000 and 425 videos uploaded. He does not only deal with virtual currencies but ranges from the most aggressive finance in general to dealing with stock markets, currencies, gold, commodities, etc. A channel dedicated to those who are more interested in money than technicalities.



This channel has 119 thousand followers and 1320 videos, but a good part is dedicated to subchannels of music, entertainment or gaming. The presenter speaks in the first person about topics related to the crypto world.



The channel has 145,000 followers, 390 videos, and is very aggressive with regard to investment advice. He loves the lists of the genre “The 5 best ICO” or “The top 5 crypto for 2018”, but he recently has been the focus of some controversy with other YouTubers. Like all investment advice, his should be taken with a grain of salt and only for information purposes about the trends of the moment.



If you like an informal and fun approach, this the channel for you, with 42,000 followers and over 425 videos. Focused mainly on market issues, this influencer that we have included in the top ten of crypto YouTubers starts his videos with a joke or a funny clip. He often uses very funny backgrounds. Suitable for a sad market day.



The female side of YouTubers, with 16,000 followers and 110 videos uploaded and accompanied by an active Twitter page. Cryptocandor has a simple language in presenting technical themes, even complex ones. The length of the videos is very variable, going from a few minutes to others of almost an hour.



It is a channel with 19,000 followers and 110 videos, focuses on technical aspects and presents a large number of interviews directed to the protagonists of the blockchain. Suitable for those who want to hear the news first-hand.



When you feel a bit sad because Bitcoin reached a new low or because the CEO of the ICO that invested in the construction of mini apartments for the pygmies has escaped, you can always go on Youtube and listen to CryptoFinally, a nice channel dedicated to remixes of songs based on virtual currencies.

Fabio Lugano
Fabio Lugano
Graduated with honors from Bocconi University, Fabio is a consultant for companies and wounded shareholders of the Banche Venete. He is also the author of "Scenari Economici", and lecturer and analyst of cryptocurrencies since 2016.