SpaceChain: the first transaction on Qtum for the space project
SpaceChain: the first transaction on Qtum for the space project

SpaceChain: the first transaction on Qtum for the space project

By Eleonora Spagnolo - 18 Jan 2019

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A few hours ago SpaceChain announced the first transaction on Qtum for the space project.

The second blockchain node located in space was launched into orbit on October 25th, 2018, by the missile CZ-4B Y34, sent from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Centre, Xinzhou, China, and it now was successfully tested.

The node uses SpaceChain OS technology and can perform smart contract and multi-signature transactions thanks to the Qtum blockchain.

Here you can see information about the transaction that took place on the Qtum blockchain.

“This multi-signature cold wallet service – an application developed by SpaceChain engineers to test the space node – shows proof of technology of being a potential cyber security solution for the blockchain industry,” explained project co-founder Jeff Garzik.

The first blockchain node that SpaceChain launched into orbit on February 2nd was equipped with Raspberry Pi technology.

“It often takes months and years to build the system and to launch hardware into space as there is a need to secure the launch opportunity, obtain permissions, get the frequency and ensure there is ground station support. We are proud to have launched two nodes in our first year of operations, bringing us one step closer to creating a network of blockchain-based satellites in space,” explained CEO Zee Zheng.

The node can also be viewed in real time orbit, following the movements it makes around the Universe.

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